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       Template::AutoFilter - Template::Toolkit with automatic filtering


       version 0.143050


           use Template::AutoFilter;

           my $templ = "[% str %]  [% str | none %]  [% str | url %]";

           my $out;
           Template::AutoFilter->new->process( \$templ, { str => '<a>' }, \$out );

           print $out; # "&lt;a&gt;  <a>  %3Ca%3E"

           my $out;
           Template::AutoFilter->new( AUTO_FILTER => 'upper' )->process( \$templ, { str => '<a>' }, \$out );

           print $out; # "<A>  <a>  %3Ca%3E"


       Template::AutoFilter is a subclass of Template::Toolkit which loads a specific Parser that
       is subclassed from Template::Parser. It adds a filter instruction to each interpolation
       token found in templates loaded by the TT engine. Tokens that already have a filter
       instruction are left unchanged.

       By default this automatic filter is set to be 'html', but can be modified during object
       creation by passing the AUTO_FILTER option with the name of the wanted filter.

       Additionally a pass-through filter called 'none' is added to the object to allow exclusion
       of tokens from being filtered.

       Lastly, if you have problems with the directives which get auto filters applied, you can
       see the Template::AutoFilter::Parser docs for how you can customize that.

       WARNING: This module is highly experimental. I have not done a lot of testing and things
       might blow up in unexpected ways. The API and behavior might change with any release
       (until 1.0). If you'd like to see any changes implemented, let me know via RT, email, IRC
       or by opening a pull request on github.

       Use at your own risk.


       Pre-processes the parameters passed on to Template's new(). Adds the pass-through filter
       and creates the AutoFilter Parser.

       All parameters passed to this new() will also be passed to the parser's new().


       Ryan Olson (cpan:GIMPSON) <>

       Aran Deltac (cpan:BLUEFEET) <>

       Thomas Sibley (cpan:TSIBLEY) <>


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       This is open source software.  The code repository is available for public review and
       contribution under the terms of the license.


         git clone


       Christian Walde <>


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