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       Test2::Compare::Array - Internal representation of an array comparison.


       This module is an internal representation of an array for comparison purposes.


       $ref = $arr->inref()
           If the instance was constructed from an actual array, this will return the reference
           to that array.

       $bool = $arr->ending
           Set this to true if you would like to fail when the array being validated has more
           items than the check. That is, if you check indexes 0-3 but the array has values for
           indexes 0-4, it will fail and list that last item in the array as unexpected. If set
           to false then it is assumed you do not care about extra items.

       $hashref = $arr->items()
           Returns the hashref of "key => val" pairs to be checked in the array.

           Accepts a hashref to permit indexes to be skipped if desired.

           Note: that there is no validation when using "set_items", it is better to use the
           "add_item" interface.

       $arrayref = $arr->order()
           Returns an arrayref of all indexes that will be checked, in order.

           Sets the order in which indexes will be checked.

           Note: that there is no validation when using "set_order", it is better to use the
           "add_item" interface.

       $name = $arr->name()
           Always returns the string "<ARRAY>".

       $bool = $arr->verify(got => $got, exists => $bool)
           Check if $got is an array reference or not.

       $idx = $arr->top_index()
           Returns the topmost index which is checked. This will return undef if there are no
           items, or 0 if there is only 1 item.

           Push an item onto the list of values to be checked.

       $arr->add_item($idx => $item)
           Add an item to the list of values to be checked at the specified index.

       $arr->add_filter(sub { ... })
           Add a filter sub. The filter receives all remaining values of the array being checked,
           and should return the values that should still be checked. The filter will be run
           between the last item added and the next item added.

       @deltas = $arr->deltas(got => $got, convert => \&convert, seen => \%seen)
           Find the differences between the expected array values and those in the $got arrayref.


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