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       Test2::EventFacet::Info - Facet for information a developer might care about.


       This facet represents messages intended for humans that will help them either understand a
       result, or diagnose a failure.


       This facet appears in a list instead of being a single item.


       $string_or_structure = $info->{details}
       $string_or_structure = $info->details()
           Human readable string or data structure, this is the information to display.
           Formatters are free to render the structures however they please. This may contain a
           blessed object.

           If the "table" attribute (see below) is set then a renderer may choose to display the
           table instead of the details.

       $structure = $info->{table}
       $structure = $info->table()
           If the data the "info" facet needs to convey can be represented as a table then the
           data may be placed in this attribute in a more raw form for better display. The data
           must also be represented in the "details" attribute for renderers which do not support
           rendering tables directly.

           The table structure:

               my %table = {
                   header => [ 'column 1 header', 'column 2 header', ... ], # Optional

                   rows => [
                       ['row 1 column 1', 'row 1, column 2', ... ],
                       ['row 2 column 1', 'row 2, column 2', ... ],

                   # Allow the renderer to hide empty columns when true, Optional
                   collapse => $BOOL,

                   # List by name or number columns that should never be collapsed
                   no_collapse => \@LIST,

       $short_string = $info->{tag}
       $short_string = $info->tag()
           Short tag to categorize the info. This is usually 10 characters or less, formatters
           may truncate longer tags.

       $bool = $info->{debug}
       $bool = $info->debug()
           Set this to true if the message is critical, or explains a failure. This is info that
           should be displayed by formatters even in less-verbose modes.

           When false the information is not considered critical and may not be rendered in less-
           verbose modes.

       $bool = $info->{important}
       $bool = $info->important
           This should be set for non debug messages that are still important enough to show when
           a formatter is in quiet mode. A formatter should send these to STDOUT not STDERR, but
           should show them even in non-verbose mode.


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       Chad Granum <>


       Copyright 2019 Chad Granum <>.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.