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       Test2::Todo - TODO extension for Test2.


       This is an object that lets you create and manage TODO states for tests. This is an
       extension, not a plugin or a tool. This library can be used by plugins and tools to manage
       todo states.

       If you simply want to write a todo test then you should look at the "todo" function
       provided by Test2::Tools::Basic.


           use Test2::Todo;

           # Start the todo
           my $todo = Test2::Todo->new(reason => 'Fix later');

           # Will be considered todo, so suite still passes
           ok(0, "oops");

           # End the todo

           # TODO has ended, this test will actually fail.
           ok(0, "oops");


       reason (required)
           The reason for the todo, this can be any defined value.

       hub (optional)
           The hub to which the TODO state should be applied. If none is provided then the
           current global hub is used.


           End the todo state.


       $count = Test2::Todo->hub_in_todo($hub)
           If the hub has any todo objects this will return the total number of them. If the hub
           has no todo objects it will return 0.


   How it works
       When an instance is created a filter sub is added to the Test2::Hub. This filter will set
       the "todo" and "diag_todo" attributes on all events as they come in. When the instance is
       destroyed, or "end()" is called, the filter is removed.

       When a new hub is pushed (such as when a subtest is started) the new hub will inherit the
       filter, but it will only set "diag_todo", it will not set "todo" on events in child hubs.

   $todo->end is called at destruction
       If your $todo object falls out of scope and gets garbage collected, the todo will end.

   Can I use multiple instances?
       Yes. The most recently created one that is still active will win.


       The source code repository for Test2-Suite can be found at


       Chad Granum <>


       Chad Granum <>


       Copyright 2018 Chad Granum <>.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.