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       Test2::Tools::Grab - Temporarily intercept all events without adding a scope level.


       This package provides a function that returns an object that grabs all events.  Once the
       object is destroyed events will once again be sent to the main hub.


           use Test2::Tools::Grab;

           my $grab = grab();

           # Generate some events, they are intercepted.
           ok(1, "pass");
           ok(0, "fail");

           my $events_a = $grab->flush;

           # Generate some more events, they are intercepted.
           ok(1, "pass");
           ok(0, "fail");

           my $events_b = $grab->finish;


       $grab = grab()
           This lets you intercept all events for a section of code without adding anything to
           your call stack. This is useful for things that are sensitive to changes in the stack

               my $grab = grab();
                   ok(1, 'foo');
                   ok(0, 'bar');

               my $events = $grab->finish;

               is(@$events, 2, "grabbed 2 events.");

           If the $grab object is destroyed without calling "finish()", it will automatically
           clean up after itself and restore the parent hub.

                   my $grab = grab();
                   # Things are grabbed
               # Things are back to normal

           By default the hub used has "no_ending" set to true. This will prevent the hub from
           enforcing that you issued a plan and ran at least 1 test. You can turn enforcement
           back one like this:


           With "no_ending" turned off, "finish" will run the post-test checks to enforce the
           plan and that tests were run. In many cases this will result in additional events in
           your events array.


       Test2::Util::Grabber - The object constructed and returned by this tool.


       The source code repository for Test2 can be found at


       Chad Granum <>


       Chad Granum <>


       Copyright 2018 Chad Granum <>.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.