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       Test::BDD::Cucumber - Feature-complete Cucumber-style testing in Perl


       version 0.60


          # Driving tests using the 'pherkin' binary that comes with the distribution
          $ pherkin -l -b t/

          # Or choose a subset of tests to be run by selecting all scenarios tagged 'slow'
          $ pherkin -l -b --tags @slow t/

          # Or all those /not/ tagged 'slow'
          $ pherkin -l -b --tags ~@slow

          # Driving tests using 'prove' integration
          $ prove --source Feature --ext=.feature t/

          # Driving parallel tests using 'prove'
          $ prove --source Feature -j 9 --ext=.feature t/


       A complete Cucumber implementation in Perl

       The implementation supports the following Gherkin keywords in feature files: "Feature",
       "Scenario", "Scenario Outline", "Examples", "Given", "When", "Then", "And" and "But".
       Additionally, "Scenario" can be used as a synonym for "Scenario Outline" (with
       "Examples"). This best maps to Gherkin version 6.0.13
       but without support for its new "Rule" and "Example" keywords.

       This implementation supports the same languages as Gherkin 7.0.3 - that is, it supports
       exactly the same translated keywords.

       Behaviour of this module is similar to that, but sometimes different from the real
       Cucumber, the plan is to move use the same parser and behaviour.


       This module comes with a few introductory tutorials.

       ·   A Cucumber feature writing tutorial

           for those new to Cucumber and BDD testing

       ·   A Step writing tutorial

           to get you started writing the code run for each "Given", "Then", "When" step

       ·   A guide on integrating with your test suite

       ·   An architecture overview

           for those who want to extend or hook into feature file execution

       ·   Documentation of the command-line tool App::pherkin


       For current bugs, check the issue tracer at GitHub:

       Two things need specific mentioning:

       ·   No support for Test2 in Step files at the moment

           While this support is planned, currently, there's only support for Test::Builder based
           test modules (e.g. Test::Exception, Test::Differences, Test::More, etc)

       ·   Due to the use of its own parser, differences probably exist in the intepretation of
           feature files when comparing to Cucumber.

           Also see the issue <> for
           tracking this topic.


       On Github, of course: <>.


       Gherkin - A Gherkin parser and compiler


       Peter Sergeant ""

       Erik Huelsmann ""

       Ben Rodgers ""


       Copyright 2011-2019, Peter Sergeant; Licensed under the same terms as Perl