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       Test::If - Test only if ...


       Version 0.01


       Generic usage

           use Test::More;
           use Test::If 'Test::Something', [ tests => N ];

           # Is equal to

           use Test::More;
           eval q{ use Test::Something; 1 } or plan skip_all => 'Module Test::Something required for this test';
           plan tests => N;

           use Test::More;
           use Test::If sub { $ENV{TEST_AUTHOR} }, [ tests => N ];

           # Is equal to

           use Test::More;
           $ENV{TEST_AUTHOR} or plan skip_all => "Test condition not met";
           plan tests => N;

       You can also combine options and it is allowed to omit plan options, if it is run by
       loaded module or you want to load it manually

       For example common "pod-coverage.t":

           use Test::More;
           use Test::If
               sub { $ENV{TEST_AUTHOR} },  # Checked first $ENV{TEST_AUTHOR}, otherwise skip
               'Test::Pod::Coverage 1.08', # Use Test::Pod::Coverage of at least version 1.08
               'Pod::Coverage 0.18',       # And want Pod::Coverage at least of version 0.18


       If some of conditions will not be met, test will be skipped.


       Mons Anderson, "<mons at>"


       Copyright 2009 Mons Anderson, all rights reserved.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.