Provided by: libtest-xml-perl_0.08-3_all bug


       Test::XML::SAX - Test XML::SAX handlers


         use Test::XML::SAX tests => 1;
         use My::XML::Filter;

         my $handler = My::XML::Filter->new;
         test_sax( $handler, '<foo />', '<bar/>', 'translates foo to bar' );

         # ... In Another File ...

         use Test::XML::SAX; use My::XML::Filter;

         sub do_tests {
             my $handler = My::XML::Filter->new;
             test_sax( $handler, '<foo />', '<bar/>', 'translates foo to bar' );

         test_all_sax_parsers( \&do_tests, 1 );


       This module is for testing XML::SAX handlers.


       All functions are exported.

       test_sax ( HANDLER, INPUT, EXPECTED [, TESTNAME ] )
           This function will process INPUT using HANDLER, and compare the result with EXPECTED.
           TESTNAME can optionally be used to name the test in the output (a good idea).

       test_all_sax_parsers ( SUB [, NUMTESTS ] )
           This function will repeat a set of tests for all installed SAX parsers.  SUB must be a
           coderef to run a series of tests.  NUMTESTS is the number of tests inside SUB.

           NB: You must not issue a plan to Test::More if you call this function!  The plan will
           be set for you, according to the number of parsers installed and NUMTESTS.  This also
           means that you must not have any tests outside of SUB or you will get an error.

           When SUB is called, it will be passed two arguments.  The name of the parser being
           used and the number of tests.  It can use this information to decide whether or not to
           skip this set of tests.


       Test::More, Test::XML, XML::SAX.


       Dominic Mitchell, <cpan2 (at)>


       Copyright 2002 by semantico

       This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.