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       Text::Hogan::Template - represent and render compiled templates


       version 2.01


       Use Text::Hogan::Compiler to create Template objects.

       Then call render passing in a hashref for context.

           use Text::Hogan::Compiler;

           my $template = Text::Hogan::Compiler->new->compile("Hello, {{name}}!");

           say $template->render({ name => $_ }) for (qw(Fred Wilma Barney Betty));

       Optionally takes a hashref of partials.

           use Text::Hogan::Compiler;

           my $template = Text::Hogan::Compiler->new->compile("{{>hello}}");

           say $template->render({ name => "Dino" }, { hello => "Hello, {{name}}!" });


       Started out statement-for-statement copied from hogan.js by Twitter!

       Initial translation by Alex Balhatchet (

       Further improvements from:

       Ed Freyfogle Mohammad S Anwar Ricky Morse Tom Hukins Tony Finch Yanick Champoux