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       Text::MicroMason::TemplatePath - Template Path Searching


       Instead of using this class directly, pass its name to be mixed in:

           use Text::MicroMason;
           my $mason = Text::MicroMason->new( -TemplatePath, template_path => [ '/foo', '/bar' ] );

       Use the standard compile and execute methods to parse and evaluate templates:

         print $mason->compile( file=>$filepath )->( 'name'=>'Dave' );
         print $mason->execute( file=>$filepath, 'name'=>'Dave' );

       Templates stored in files are searched for in the specified template_path:

           print $mason->execute( file=>"includes/greeting.msn", 'name'=>'Charles');

       When including other files into a template you can use relative paths:

           <& ../includes/greeting.msn, name => 'Alice' &>

       When a file is included in the template, the including template's current directory is
       added to the beginning of the template search path.


       This module works similarly to the related TemplateDir mix-in. However, instead of
       specifying a single root which must contain all templates, TemplatePath allows you to
       specify an arrayref of directories which will be searched in order whenever a template
       filename must be resolved.

       Using a TemplatePath object, absolute filenames are used as-is. If a relative template
       filenames or file paths is used, every directory in the specified template_path is checked
       for the existence of the template, and the first existing template file is used.

       If a template includes another template using <& ... &>, then the including template's
       location is added to the beginning of the template search path list, for the resolution of
       the included template's filename. This allows the included template to be specified
       relative to the including template, but also lets the template search fall back to the
       configured template search path if necessary.

   Supported Attributes
           An array ref containing a list of directories in which to search for relative template

           Optional directory beyond which not to read files. Unlike TemplateDir, this must be a
           specific file path. Causes read_file to croak if any filename outside of the root is
           provided. You should make sure that all paths specified in template_path are inside
           the specified strict_root.  (Note that this is not a chroot jail and only affects
           attempts to load a file as a template; for greater security see the chroot() builtin
           and Text::MicroMason::Safe.)

   Private Methods
           Intercepts file access to check for strict_root.

       The following additional exceptions are generated by Text::MicroMason::TemplatePath when

       ·   Text::MicroMason::TemplatePath: template '%s' not found in path.

           This indicates that the specified template name does not exist in any of the
           directories in the configured path.

       ·   Text::MicroMason::TemplatePath: Template not in required base path '%s'

           The template found in the configured template path was not within the configured
           strict_root directory. This may be caused by requesting an absolute template filename
           not within strict_root, or by specifying a strict_root which does not match the
           configured template path.


       For an overview of this templating framework, see Text::MicroMason.

       This is a mixin class intended for use with Text::MicroMason::Base.

       For distribution, installation, support, copyright and license information, see