Provided by: libtext-pdf-perl_0.31-1_all bug


       Text::PDF::TTFont - Inherits from Text::PDF::Dict and represents a TrueType font within a
       PDF file.


       A font consists of two primary parts in a PDF file: the header and the font descriptor.
       Whilst two fonts may share font descriptors, they will have their own header dictionaries
       including encoding and widhth information.


       There are no instance variables beyond the variables which directly correspond to entries
       in the appropriate PDF dictionaries.


   Text::PDF::TTFont->new($parent, $fontfname, $pdfname, %opts)
       Creates a new font resource for the given fontfile. This includes the font descriptor and
       the font stream. The $pdfname is the name by which this font resource will be known
       throughtout a particular PDF file.

       All font resources are full PDF objects.

       Measures the width of the given text according to the widths in the font

   $t->trim($text, $len)
       Trims the given text to the given length (in per mille em) returning the trimmed text

       Indicates to the font that the text is to be output and returns the text to be output

       Copies the font object excluding the name, widths and encoding, etc.


       Text::PDF::TTIOString - internal IO type handle for string output for font embedding. This
       code is ripped out of IO::Scalar, to save the direct dependence for so little. See
       IO::Scalar for details