Provided by: libtext-pdf-perl_0.31-1_all bug


       Text::PDF::TTFont0 - Inherits from PDF::Dict and represents a TrueType Type 0 font within
       a PDF file.


       A font consists of two primary parts in a PDF file: the header and the font descriptor.
       Whilst two fonts may share font descriptors, they will have their own header dictionaries
       including encoding and widhth information.


       There are no instance variables beyond the variables which directly correspond to entries
       in the appropriate PDF dictionaries.


   Text::PDF::TTFont->new($parent, $fontfname. $pdfname)
       Creates a new font resource for the given fontfile. This includes the font descriptor and
       the font stream. The $pdfname is the name by which this font resource will be known
       throughout a particular PDF file.

       All font resources are full PDF objects.

       Returns the string to be put into a content stream for text to be output in this font.
       The text is assumed to be UTF8 encoded and the return string is a glyph sequence for the
       text. If subsetting is enabled, then all the glyphs returned are also marked for output.

       Marks the glyphs as being needed in the output font when subsetting. Returns a string to
       render the glyphs as specified.

       Returns the width of the string, assuming it to be UTF8 encoded.

   outobjdeep($fh, $pdf, %opts)
       Handles the creation of the font stream including subsetting at this point. So if you get
       this far, that's it for subsetting.

       Ship this font out to the given $pdf file context

       Empty the font of as much as possible in order to save memory