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       Text::WordDiff::ANSIColor - ANSI colored formatting for Text::WordDiff


           use Text::WordDiff;

           my $diff = word_diff 'file1.txt', 'file2.txt';
           my $diff = word_diff \$string1,   \$string2,   { STYLE => 'ANSIColor' };
           my $diff = word_diff \*FH1,       \*FH2;       \%options;
           my $diff = word_diff \&reader1,   \&reader2;
           my $diff = word_diff \@records1,  \@records2;

           # May also mix input types:
           my $diff = word_diff \@records1,  'file_B.txt';


       This class subclasses Text::WordDiff::Base to provide a formatting class for
       Text::WordDiff that uses ANSI-standard terminal escape sequences to highlight deleted and
       inserted text. This formatting class is the default class used by Text::WordDiff; see its
       documentation for details on its interface. This class should never be used directly.

       Text::WordDiff::ANSIColor formats word diffs for viewing in an ANSI-standard terminal
       session. The diff content is highlighted as follows:

           Deleted words will display in bold-faced red. The ANSI standard for strikethrough is
           also used, but since it is not supported by most terminals, likely will not show up.

           Inserted words will display in bold-faced, underlined green.

       All other content is simply returned.

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