Provided by: libtickit-async-perl_0.21-2_all bug


       "Tickit::Async" - use "Tickit" with "IO::Async"


        use IO::Async;
        use Tickit::Async;

        my $tickit = Tickit::Async->new;

        # Create some widgets
        # ...

        $tickit->set_root_widget( $rootwidget );

        my $loop = IO::Async::Loop->new;
        $loop->add( $tickit );



       This class allows a Tickit user interface to run alongside other IO::Async-driven code,
       using "IO::Async" as a source of IO events.

       As a shortcut convenience, a containing IO::Async::Loop will be constructed using the
       default magic constructor the first time it is needed, if the object is not already a
       member of a loop. This will allow a "Tickit::Async" object to be used without being aware
       it is not a simple "Tickit" object.

       To avoid accidentally creating multiple loops, callers should be careful to "add" the
       "Tickit::Async" object to the main application's loop if one already exists as soon as
       possible after construction.


       Paul Evans <>