Provided by: libtickit-widgets-perl_0.29-3_all bug


       "Tickit::Widget::Button" - a widget displaying a clickable button


        use Tickit;
        use Tickit::Widget::Button;

        my $button = Tickit::Widget::Button->new(
           label => "Click Me!",
           on_click => sub {
              my ( $self ) = @_;

              # Do something!

        Tickit->new( root => $button )->run;


       This class provides a widget which displays a clickable area with a label.  When the area
       is clicked, a callback is invoked.


       The default style pen is used as the widget pen. The following style keys are used:

       linetype => STRING
           What kind of border to draw around the button; one of

            none single double thick

       marker_left => STRING
           A two-character string to place just before the button label

       marker_right => STRING
           A two-character string to place just after the button label

       The following style tags are used:

           Set when the mouse is being held over the button, before it is released

       The following style actions are used:

           The main action to activate the "on_click" handler.


   $entry = Tickit::Widget::Button->new( %args )
       Constructs a new "Tickit::Widget::Button" object.

       Takes the following named arguments:

       label => STR
               Text to display in the button area

       on_click => CODE
               Optional. Callback function to invoke when the button is clicked.


   $label = $button->label
   $button->set_label( $label )
       Return or set the text to display in the button area.

   $on_click = $button->on_click
   $button->set_on_click( $on_click )
       Return or set the CODE reference to be called when the button area is clicked.

        $on_click->( $button )

       Behave as if the button has been clicked; running its "on_click" handler.  This is
       provided for convenience of activating its handler programmatically via other parts of

   $align = $button->align
   $button->set_align( $align )
   $valign = $button->valign
   $button->set_valign( $valign )
       Accessors for the horizontal and vertical alignment of the label text within the button
       area. See also Tickit::WidgetRole::Alignable.


       Paul Evans <>