Provided by: libtickit-widgets-perl_0.29-3_all bug


       "Tickit::Widget::Placegrid" - a placeholder grid display


       This class provides a widget which displays a simple grid pattern in its display area, and
       prints the size of the area in its centre.

       It is intended as a placeholder for other widget code while applications are under
       development. It easily allows a container to have a child that can take any size, and will
       keep its window area painted (so avoiding bugs caused by "empty" containers that do not
       clear unused child areas).


       The default style pen is used as the widget pen. The following style pen prefixes are also

       grid => PEN
           The pen used to render the grid lines


   $placegrid = Tickit::Widget::Placegrid->new( %args )
       Constructs a new "Tickit::Widget::Placegrid" object.

       Takes the following named arguments.

       title => STR
               Optional. If provided, prints an identifying title just above the box dimensions
               in the centre of the grid.


       Original rendering code by Tom Molesworth <>

       Widget wrapping by Paul Evans <>