Provided by: libtk-pod-perl_0.9943-1_all bug


       Tk::Pod::Search_db - dirty OO wrapper for "perlindex"'s search functionality


           ** THIS IS ALPHA SOFTWARE everything may and should change **
           **   stuff here is more a scratch pad than docomentation!  **

           use Tk::Pod::Search_db;
           $idx = Tk::Pod::Search_db->new?(INDEXDIR)?;
           @hits = $idx->searchWords(WORD1,...); # @hits is a list of
                                                    # relpath1,score1,...  where
                                                    # score is increasing
           $prefix = $idx->prefix();

           @word = Tk::Pod::Search_db::normalize(STRING1,...);


       Module to search Pod documentation.  Before you can use the module one should create the
       indices with "perlindex -index".


       Enable options like -maxhits (currently = 15).  Solve PREFIX dependency.  Interface for
       @stop and @unknown also as methods return lists for last searchWords call?

       Lots more ...


       $idx = Tk::Pod::Search_db->new(INDEXDIR)
           Interface may change to support options like -maxhits

           search for WORD(s). Return a list of

             relpath1, score1, relpath2, score2, ...

           or empty list if no match is found.

       $pathprefix = $idx->pathprefix()
           The return path prefix and $relpath give together the full path name of the Pod

                   $fullpath = $patchprefix . '/' . $relpath

           Note: Should make it easy to use Tk::Pod::Search with perlindex but index specific
           prefix handling is a mess up to know.


       tkpod, perlindex, perlpod, Tk::Pod::Search


       Achim Bohnet  <>

       Most of the code here is borrowed from perlindex written by Ulrich Pfeifer

       Current maintainer is Slaven Rezić <>.

       Copyright (c) 1997-1998 Achim Bohnet. All rights reserved.  This program is free software;
       you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.