Provided by: libtk-tablematrix-perl_1.23-6.1build5_amd64 bug


       Tk::TableMatrix::Spreadsheet - Table Display with Spreadsheet-like bindings.


         use Tk;
         use Tk::TableMatrix::Spreadsheet;

         my $t = $top->Scrolled('Spreadsheet', -rows => 21, -cols => 11,
                                     -width => 6, -height => 6,
                                     -titlerows => 1, -titlecols => 1,
                                     -variable => $arrayVar,
                                     -selectmode => 'extended',
                                     -titlerows => 1,
                                     -titlecols => 1,
                                     -bg => 'white',


       Tk::TableMatrix::Spreadsheet is a Tk::TableMatrix-derived widget that implements some
       bindings so the resulting widget behaves more like a spreadsheet.

       Bindings Added:

        Row/Col resize handles appear when the cursor is placed over a row/col border line in the
        rol/col title area.

        Dragging these handles will resize the row or column. If multiple rows or columns are
        selected, then the new row/col size will apply to all row/cols selected.

        Note: With the base Tk::TableMatrix, it is possible to resize the row/cols by dragging on
        any cell border. To be more spreadsheet-like, Tk::TableMatrix::Spreadsheet  defaults to
        enable row/col resizing only thru the title row/col dragging. To override this default
        behavoir, set the -resizeborder option to 'both' at startup.

        A popup menu for row/col insert/delete appears when the mouse is right-clicked in the
        row/col title areas.

        Cells activate (i.e. the contents become edit-able) only when the cell is double-clicked
        or the F2 button is pressed. The default Tk::TableMatrix behavior is for the cell to be
        activated when the cell is single-clicked.

        The Escape key causes any changes made to a cell to be canceled and the current selection

        The return key causes the the current cell to move down.

        The tab (or shift tab) key causes the current cell to be moved to the right (left).

        The delete key will delete the current selection, if no cell is currently active.

        The Mouse button 2 (middle button) paste from the PRIMARY. (Control-v pastes from the

Additional Information

       Widget methods, options, etc, are inherited from the Tk::TableMatrix widget. See its docs
       for additional information.