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       UR::Manual - Short list of UR's documentation


       UR - Short introduction

       UR::Manual::Overview - UR from Ten Thousand Feet

       UR::Manual::Tutorial - Getting started with UR

       UR::Manual::SchemaDesign - A few things to keep in mind when designing a database schema

       UR::Manual::Presentation - Slides for a presentation on UR

       UR::Manual::Cookbook - Recepies for getting stuff working

       UR::Manual::Metadata - UR's metadata system

       UR::Object::Type::Initializer - Defining classes

       ur - UR's command line tool

Basic Entities

       UR::Object - Pretty much everything is-a UR::Object

       UR::Object::Type - Metadata class for Classes

       UR::Object::Property - Metadata class for Properties

       UR::Namespace - Manage packages and classes

       UR::Context - Software transactions and More!

       UR::DataSource - How and where to get data