Provided by: libur-perl_0.470+ds-1_all bug


       UR::Namespace::Command::Sys::ClassBrowser - WebApp for browsing the class structure


         # Start the web server
         ur sys class-browser

         # Create the cache file for the current namespace
         ur sys class-browser --generate-cache


       The class-browser command starts an embedded web server containing an app for browsing
       through the class structure.  After starting, it prints a URL on STDOUT that can be copy-
       and-pasted into a browser to run the app.


       With no options, the command expects to be run within a Namespace directory.  It will
       auto-discover all the classes in the Namespace, either from a previously created cache
       file, or by scanning all the perl modules within the Namespace's subdirectory.

           Instead of starting a web server, the command will scan for all perl modules within
           the Namespace's subdirectory and create a file called
           .<namespace>-class-browser-cache, then exit.  This file will contain information about
           all the classes it found, which will improve the start-up time the next time the
           command is run.

       --port <port>
           Change the TCP port the web server listens on.  The default is 8080.

           The command will use the cache file generated by the --generate-cache option if it
           finds one.  When --nouse-cache is used, it will always scan for perl modules, and will
           ignore any cache that may be present.

           Causes the command to print the STDOUT the URLs loaded while it is running.


       UR, UR::Object::Type, UR::Service::WebServer

perl v5.28.1                                2019-01UR::Namespace::Command::Sys::ClassBrowser(3pm)