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       Version::Next - increment module version numbers simply and correctly


       version 1.000


         use Version::Next qw/next_version/;

         my $new_version = next_version( $old_version );


       This module provides a simple, correct way to increment a Perl module version number.  It
       does not attempt to guess what the original version number author intended, it simply
       increments in the smallest possible fashion.  Decimals are incremented like an odometer.
       Dotted decimals are incremented piecewise and presented in a standardized way.

       If more complex version manipulation is necessary, you may wish to consider Perl::Version.


       This module uses Sub::Exporter for optional exporting.  Nothing is exported by default.

         my $new_version = next_version( $old_version );

       Given a string, this function make the smallest logical increment and returns it.  The
       input string must be a "lax" version numbers as defined by the version module.  The string
       "undef" is treated as 0 and incremented to 1.  Leading or trailing periods have a 0 (or
       "v0") prepended or appended as appropriate.  For legacy reasons, given no argument or a
       literal "undef" (not the string "undef"), the function returns 0.

       Decimal versions are incremented like an odometer, preserving the original number of
       decimal places.  If an underscore is present (indicating an "alpha" version), its relative
       position is preserved.  Examples:

         0.001    ->   0.002
         0.999    ->   1.000
         0.1229   ->   0.1230
         0.12_34  ->   0.12_35
         0.12_99  ->   0.13_00

       Dotted-decimal versions have the least significant element incremented by one.  If the
       result exceeds 999, the element resets to 0 and the next most significant element is
       incremented, and so on.  Any leading zero padding is removed.  Examples:

        v1.2.3     ->  v1.2.4
        v1.2.999   ->  v1.3.0
        v1.999.999 ->  v2.0.0

       NOTE: Due to changes in the interpretation of dotted-decimal version numbers with alpha
       elements in version 0.9913 and later, the notion of the 'next' dotted-decimal alpha is
       ill-defined.  Version::Next no longer supports dotted-decimals with alpha elements and a
       fatal exception will be thrown if one is provided to "next_version".


       ·   version

       ·   Perl::Version


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       David Golden <>


       Grzegorz Rożniecki <>


       This software is Copyright (c) 2016 by David Golden.

       This is free software, licensed under:

         The Apache License, Version 2.0, January 2004