Provided by: libvistaio-dev_1.2.19-2_amd64 bug


       VistaIOImageFrameInterp,       VistaIOImageViewpointInterp,       VistaIOImageColorInterp,
       VistaIOImageComponentInterp - image band interpretation


       #include <vistaio.h>

       VistaIOBandInterp VistaIOImageFrameInterp (VistaIOImage image)

       VistaIOBandInterp VistaIOImageViewpointInterp (VistaIOImage image)

       VistaIOBandInterp VistaIOImageColorInterp (VistaIOImage image)

       VistaIOBandInterp VistaIOImageComponentInterp (VistaIOImage image)

       typedef enum {
           VistaIOBandInterpNone,    /* no interpretation */
           VistaIOBandInterpOther,   /* unknown interpretation */
           VistaIOBandInterpStereoPair,/* describing camera viewpoints */
           VistaIOBandInterpRGB,     /* describing color channels */
           VistaIOBandInterpComplex, /* describing vector components */
       } VistaIOBandInterp;


       image     Specifies an image for which band interpretation information is sought.


       These four routines return information about how an image's bands are to  be  interpreted.
       Each  reports on one of four band interpretation dimensions: motion sequence frame, camera
       viewpoint, color channel, or vector component.


       Each routine examines the size of its respective dimension (e.g., nframes), plus any  band
       interpretation  attribute for its dimension (e.g., frame_interp) and returns a value based
       on them. Specifically:

       · if the size of the dimension is 1 and there is  no  band  interpretation  attribute,  it
         returns VistaIOBandInterpNone

       · VistaIOImageViewpointInterp  returns  VistaIOBandInterpStereoPair if image is a standard
         stereo pair (i.e., nviewpoints: 2 and viewpoint_interp: stereo_pair)

       · VistaIOImageColorInterp returns VistaIOBandInterpRGB if image is a  standard  RGB  color
         image (i.e., ncolors: 3 and color_interp: rgb)

       · VistaIOImageComponentInterp  returns  VistaIOBandInterpComplex  if  image  is a standard
         complex image (i.e., ncomponents: 2 and component_interp: complex)

       · VistaIOImageComponentInterp returns VistaIOBandInterpGradient if  image  is  a  standard
         gradient image (i.e., ncomponents: 1 or 2, and component_interp: gradient)

       · VistaIOImageComponentInterp  returns  VistaIOBandInterpIntensity  if image is a standard
         intensity image (i.e., ncomponents: 1 and component_interp: intensity)

       · VistaIOImageComponentInterp returns VistaIOBandInterpOrientation if image is a  standard
         orientation image (i.e., ncomponents: 1 and component_interp: orientation)

       · each routine returns VistaIOBandInterpOther otherwise


       VistaIOSetBandInterp(3), VistaIOImage(3),


       A  warning  is  issued and VistaIOBandInterpOther is returned if a dimension's size (e.g.,
       ncolors) and the corresponding band  interpretation  attribute  (e.g.,  color_interp)  are

       A  warning  is also issued if the product of the four dimension's sizes does not equal the
       total number of bands in the image.


       Art Pope <>

       Adaption to vistaio: Gert Wollny <>