Provided by: libvistaio-dev_1.2.19-2_amd64 bug


       VistaIOCopyBand - copy image pixel values


       #include <vistaio.h>

       VistaIOBoolean VistaIOCopyBand (src, src_band, dest, dest_band)
              VistaIOImage src, dest;
              VistaIOBand src_band, dest_band;


       src       Specifies the image to copy from (the source image).

       src_band  May  specify  a  particular  band  of  the  source image to copy from, or may be
                 VistaIOAllBands to indicate that all bands of the source image should be copied.

       dest      Specifies the image to copy to (the destination image).

       dest_band Specifies the first band of the destination image to receive pixel  values  from
                 the source image.


       VistaIOCopyBand  copies  pixel  values  from  a source image, src, to a destination image,
       dest. The two images must have the same pixel representation, number of rows,  and  number
       of columns.

       If  src_band  is  the  constant  VistaIOAllBands, all of the source image's bands of pixel
       values are copied to the destination image beginning at the  destination  band  dest_band.
       The destination image must have at least dest_band + VistaIOImageNBands (src) - 1 bands.

       Otherwise, src_band specifies a single band of the source image.  That band is copied to a
       single band, dest_band, of the destination image. The destination image must have at least
       dest_band + 1 bands.

       Unlike  most  Vista  image  processing routines, this one does not copy the source image's
       attributes to the destination image.


       VistaIOCopyImage returns TRUE if it is successful and FALSE otherwise.


       VistaIOCopyImage(3), VistaIOCombineBands(3), VistaIOImage(3),


       ``No destination specified.''
              The destination image, dest must be supplied.

       ``Band band referenced in image of nbands band(s).''
              The src_band (dest_band) argument is outside  the  range  of  source  (destination)
              image band numbers.

       ``Destination image has dest_nbands bands; nbands expected.''
              The destination image has too few bands.

       ``Destination image has dest_prop property; src_prop expected.''
              Property is one of ``pixels'', ``rows'', or ``columns''. The destination image does
              not have the same pixel representation, number of rows, and number  of  columns  as
              the source image.


       Art Pope <>

       Adaption to vistaio: Gert Wollny <>