Provided by: libweb-mrest-cli-perl_0.283-1_all bug


       Web::MREST::CLI::Parser - Parser for demo MREST command line client


           use Try::Tiny;

           my $status;
           my @tokens = split /\s+/, 'MY SAMPLE COMMAND';
           try {
               Web::MREST::CLI::Parse::parse_tokens( [], \@tokens );
           } catch {
               $status = $_;


       The parsing of CLI commands takes place in the "parse_tokens" function, which calls itself
       recursively until it gets to a rather macabre-sounding

           die send_req . . .

       This causes control to return to the while loop in "bin/mrest-cli" with the return value
       of the "send_req", which is a status object.

       All tokens should be chosen to be distinguishable by their first three characters.