Provided by: libx11-xcb-perl_0.18-1_amd64 bug


       X11::XCB::Window - represents an X11 window


       As long as the window is not mapped, this returns the planned geometry. As soon as the
       window is mapped, this returns its geometry including the window decorations.

       Thus, after the window is mapped, every time you access "rect", the geometry will be
       determined by querying X11 about it, thus generating at least 1 round- trip for non-
       reparenting window managers and two or more round-trips for reparenting window managers.

       In scalar context it returns only the window’s geometry, in list context it returns the
       window’s geometry and the geometry of the top window (the one containing this window but
       the first one under the root window in hierarchy).

       Returns the X11 attributes of this window.

       Maps the window on the screen, that is, makes it visible.

       The opposite of map, that is, makes your window invisible.

       Destroys the window completely

       Returns whether the window is actually mapped (no internal state, but gets the window
       attributes from X11 and checks for MAP_STATE_VIEWABLE).

       Creates a new "X11::XCB::Window" as a child window of the current window.

       Adds the given $hint (one of "urgency") to the window’s set of hints.

       Opposite of add_hint.

   warp_pointer($x, $y)
       Moves the pointer to the offsets ($x, $y) relative to the origin of the window on which it
       is called. If $x and $y are undef, moves the pointer into the center of the window.

       Returns the WM_STATE of this window (normal, withdrawn, iconic).