Provided by: libxml-regexp-perl_0.04-1_all bug


       XML::RegExp - Regular expressions for XML tokens


        use XML::RegExp;

        if ($my_name =~ /^$XML::RegExp::Name$/)
          # $my_name is a valid XML 'Name'


       This package contains regular expressions for the following XML tokens: BaseChar,
       Ideographic, Letter, Digit, Extender, CombiningChar, NameChar, EntityRef, CharRef,
       Reference, Name, NmToken, and AttValue.

       The definitions of these tokens were taken from the XML spec (Extensible Markup Language
       1.0) at <>.

       Also contains the regular expressions for the following tokens from the XML Namespaces
       spec at <>:
       NCNameChar, NCName, QName, Prefix and LocalPart.


       Original Author is Enno Derksen <>

       Please send bugs, comments and suggestions to T.J. Mather <>