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       XML::SAX::Manifold - Multipass processing of documents


       version 0.46


           use XML::SAX::Machines qw( Manifold ) ;

           my $m = Manifold(
                   Handler => $h, ## optional


       XML::SAX::Manifold is a SAX machine that allows "multipass" processing of a document by
       sending the document through several channels of SAX processors one channel at a time.  A
       channel may be a single SAX processor or a pipeline (see XML::SAX::Pipeline).

       The results of each channel are aggregated by a SAX filter that supports the "end_all"
       event, "XML::Filter::Merger" by default.  See the section on writing an aggregator and

       This differs from XML::Filter::SAXT in that the channels are prioritized and each channel
       receives all events for a document before the next channel receives any events.
       XML::SAX::Manifold buffers all events while feeding them to the highest priority channel
       ($processor1 in the synopsis), and replays them for each lower priority channel one at a

       The event flow for the example in the SYNOPSIS would look like the following, with the
       numbers next to the connection arrow indicating when the document's events flow along that

          |         An XML::SAX::Manifold instance                 |
          |                                                        |
          |               +-----------+                            |
          |            +->| Channel_0 |-+                          |
          |          1/   +-----------+  \1                        |
          |  Intake  /                    \                        |
        1 |  +------+ 2   +-----------+  2 \    +--------+ Exhaust |
        --+->| Dist |---->| Channel_1 |-----*-->| Merger |---------+--> $h
          |  +------+     +-----------+    /    +--------+         |
          |          \3                  3/                        |
          |           \   +-----------+  /                         |
          |            +->| Channel_2 |-+                          |
          |               +-----------+                            |

       Here's the timing of the event flows:

          1: upstream -> Dist. -> Channel_0 -> Merger -> downstream
          2:             Dist. -> Channel_1 -> Merger -> downstream
          3:             Dist. -> Channel_2 -> Merger -> downstream

       When the document arrives from upstream, the events all arrive during time period 1 and
       are buffered and also passed through Channel_0 and Channel_0's output is sent to the
       Merger.  After all events have been received (as indicated by an "end_document" event from
       upstream), all events are then played back through Channel_1 and then through Channel_2
       (which also output to the Merger).

       It's the merger's job to assemble the three documents it receives in to one document; see
       XML::Filter::Merger for details.


       XML::SAX::Manifold - Multipass processing of documents


               my $d = XML::SAX::Manifold->new( @channels, \%options );

           Longhand for calling the Manifold function exported by XML::SAX::Machines.

Writing an aggregator.

       To be written.  Pretty much just that "start_manifold_processing" and
       "end_manifold_processing" need to be provided.  See XML::Filter::Merger and it's source
       code for a starter.


       ·   Barry Slaymaker

       ·   Chris Prather <>


       This software is copyright (c) 2013 by Barry Slaymaker.

       This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as
       the Perl 5 programming language system itself.