Provided by: libxml-stream-perl_1.24-3_all bug


       XML::Stream::Node - Functions to make building and parsing the tree easier to work with.


         Just a collection of functions that do not need to be in memory if you
       choose one of the other methods of data storage.

         This creates a hierarchy of Perl objects and provides various methods
       to manipulate the structure of the tree.  It is much like the C library


       The result of parsing:

         <foo><head id="a">Hello <em>there</em></head><bar>Howdy<ref/></bar>do</foo>

       would be:

         [ tag:       foo
           att:       {}
           children:  [ tag:      head
                        att:      {id=>"a"}
                        children: [ tag:      "__xmlstream__:node:cdata"
                                    children: "Hello "
                                  [ tag:      em
                                    children: [ tag:      "__xmlstream__:node:cdata"
                                                children: "there"
                      [ tag:      bar
                        children: [ tag:      "__xmlstream__:node:cdata"
                                    children: "Howdy "
                                  [ tag:      ref
                      [ tag:      "__xmlstream__:node:cdata"
                        children: "do"


         new()          - creates a new node.  If you specify tag, then the root
         new(tag)         tag is set.  If you specify data, then cdata is added
         new(tag,cdata)   to the node as well.  Returns the created node.

         get_tag() - returns the root tag of the node.

         set_tag(tag) - set the root tag of the node to tag.

         add_child(node)      - adds the specified node as a child to the current
         add_child(tag)         node, or creates a new node with the specified tag
         add_child(tag,cdata)   as the root node.  Returns the node added.

         remove_child(node) - removes the child node from the current node.

         remove_cdata() - removes all of the cdata children from the current node.

         add_cdata(string) - adds the string as cdata onto the current nodes
                             child list.

         get_cdata() - returns all of the cdata children concatenated together
                       into one string.

         get_attrib(attrib) - returns the value of the attrib if it is valid,
                              or returns undef is attrib is not a real

         put_attrib(hash) - for each key/value pair specified, create an
                            attribute in the node.

         remove_attrib(attrib) - remove the specified attribute from the node.

         add_raw_xml(string,[string,...]) - directly add a string into the XML
                                            packet as the last child, with no

         get_raw_xml() - return all of the XML in a single string, undef if there
                         is no raw XML to include.

         remove_raw_xml() - remove all raw XML strings.

         children() - return all of the children of the node in a list.

         attrib() - returns a hash containing all of the attributes on this

         copy() - return a recursive copy of the node.

         XPath(path) - run XML::Stream::XPath on this node.

         XPathCheck(path) - run XML::Stream::XPath on this node and return 1 or 0
                            to see if it matches or not.

         GetXML() - return the node in XML string form.


       By Ryan Eatmon in June 2002 for

       Currently maintained by Darian Anthony Patrick.


       Copyright (C) 1998-2004 Jabber Software Foundation

       This module licensed under the LGPL, version 2.1.