Provided by: libmotif-dev_2.3.8-2build1_amd64 bug


       XmAddTabGroup  —  A  function that adds a manager or a primitive widget to the list of tab
       groups "XmAddTabGroup" "VendorShell functions" "XmAddTabGroup" "protocols"


       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       void XmAddTabGroup(
       Widget tab_group);


       This function is obsolete and its behavior is replaced  by  setting  XmNnavigationType  to
       XmEXCLUSIVE_TAB_GROUP.   When the keyboard is used to traverse through a widget hierarchy,
       primitive or manager widgets are grouped together into what are known as tab  groups.  Any
       manager  or primitive widget can be a tab group. Within a tab group, move the focus to the
       next widget in the tab group by using the arrow keys. To move to another  tab  group,  use
       KNextField or KPrevField.

       Tab  groups  are ordinarily specified by the XmNnavigationType resource.  XmAddTabGroup is
       called to control the order of traversal of tab groups. The widget specified by  tab_group
       is  appended to the list of tab groups to be traversed, and the widget's XmNnavigationType
       is set to XmEXCLUSIVE_TAB_GROUP.

       tab_group Specifies the manager or primitive widget ID


       XmManager(3), XmGetTabGroup(3), XmPrimitive(3), and XmRemoveTabGroup(3).