Provided by: libmotif-dev_2.3.8-2build1_amd64 bug


       XmClipboardEndCopy  —  A  clipboard  function  that  completes  the copying of data to the
       clipboard "XmClipboardEndCopy" "clipboard functions" "XmClipboardEndCopy"


       #include <Xm/CutPaste.h>
       int XmClipboardEndCopy (display, window, item_id)
               Display * display;
               Window  window;
               long    item_id;


       XmClipboardEndCopy locks the clipboard from access by other applications, places  data  in
       the  clipboard  data  structure,  and  unlocks  the  clipboard.   Data items copied to the
       clipboard by XmClipboardCopy are not actually entered  in  the  clipboard  data  structure
       until the call to XmClipboardEndCopy.

       This  function also frees up temporary storage that was allocated by XmClipboardStartCopy,
       which must be called before XmClipboardEndCopy. The latter function should not  be  called
       if XmClipboardCancelCopy has been called.

       display   Specifies  a  pointer  to  the Display structure that was returned in a previous
                 call to XOpenDisplay or XtDisplay.

       window    Specifies the window ID of a widget that relates the application window  to  the
                 clipboard.  The  widget's  window ID can be obtained through XtWindow.  The same
                 application instance should pass the same window ID to each  clipboard  function
                 it calls.

       item_id   Specifies  the  number  assigned  to  this  data  item,  which was returned by a
                 previous call to XmClipboardStartCopy.


                 The function was successful.

                 The function failed because the clipboard was locked by another application. The
                 application  can  continue  to  call the function again with the same parameters
                 until the lock goes away. This gives the application the opportunity to  ask  if
                 the user wants to keep trying or to give up on the operation.

                 The function failed because XmClipboardStartCopy was not called.


       XmClipboardCancelCopy(3), XmClipboardCopy(3) and XmClipboardStartCopy(3).