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       XmDrawingArea — The DrawingArea widget class "XmDrawingArea" "widget class" "DrawingArea"


       #include <Xm/DrawingA.h>


       DrawingArea is an empty widget that is easily adaptable to a variety of purposes.  It does
       no drawing and defines no behavior except for invoking callbacks.   Callbacks  notify  the
       application when graphics need to be drawn (exposure events or widget resize) and when the
       widget receives input from the keyboard or mouse.

       Applications are responsible for defining appearance and behavior as needed in response to
       DrawingArea callbacks.

       DrawingArea  is  also  a  composite widget and subclass of XmManager that supports minimal
       geometry management for multiple widget or gadget children.

       DrawingArea uses the XmNinitialFocus resource  of  XmManager  to  define  whether  or  not
       DrawingArea  will  receive  focus  when  it  is  traversed  to, even if it has traversable
       children. If XmNinitialFocus is NULL, DrawingArea receives focus only if it does not  have
       any  traversable children. If XmNinitialFocus is not NULL, then DrawingArea receives focus
       when traversed to. In the latter case, the application first needs to be able  to  realize
       that  the  DrawingArea  will receive focus, then, as appropriate, needs to either call the
       XmProcessTraversal function for the desired child,  or  to  navigate  across  the  private
       DrawingArea graphics objects.

       The   following   resources   are   not   currently   used   by  the  DrawingArea  widget:
       XmNshadowThickness,  XmNtopShadowPixmap,  XmNbottomShadowPixmap,  XmNtopShadowColor,   and

   Data Transfer Behavior
       DrawingArea  has  no widget class conversion or destination procedure.  Subclasses and the
       XmNconvertCallback  procedures  are  responsible  for  any   conversion   of   selections.
       Subclasses  and  the  XmNdestinationCallback  procedures  are  responsible  for  any  data
       transfers to the widget.

       DrawingArea inherits behavior and resources from  the  Core,  Composite,  Constraint,  and
       XmManager classes.

       The class pointer is xmDrawingAreaWidgetClass.

       The class name is XmDrawingArea.

   New Resources
       The  following  table  defines a set of widget resources used by the programmer to specify
       data. The programmer can also set the resource values for the  inherited  classes  to  set
       attributes  for  this  widget. To reference a resource by name or by class in a .Xdefaults
       file, remove the XmN or XmC prefix and use the remaining letters. To specify  one  of  the
       defined  values  for  a  resource  in  a .Xdefaults file, remove the Xm prefix and use the
       remaining letters (in either lowercase or uppercase, but include any  underscores  between
       words).   The  codes  in  the  access  column indicate if the given resource can be set at
       creation time (C), set by using XtSetValues (S), retrieved by using XtGetValues (G), or is
       not applicable (N/A).

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