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       XmVaCreateSimpleMenuBar    —    A   RowColumn   widget   convenience   creation   function
       "XmVaCreateSimpleMenuBar" "creation functions" "XmVaCreateSimpleMenuBar"


       #include <Xm/RowColumn.h>
       Widget XmVaCreateSimpleMenuBar(
       Widget parent,
       String name);


       XmVaCreateSimpleMenuBar creates an instance of a RowColumn widget of type  XmMENU_BAR  and
       returns  the  associated widget ID.  This routine uses the ANSI C variable-length argument
       list (varargs) calling convention.

       This routine creates a MenuBar and its CascadeButtonGadget children.   The  name  of  each
       button  is  button_n,  where n is an integer from 0 (zero) to the number of buttons in the
       menu minus 1.  Buttons are named and created in the order in which they are  specified  in
       the variable portion of the argument list.

       parent    Specifies the parent widget ID

       name      Specifies the name of the created widget

       The  variable  portion  of  the  argument list consists of groups of arguments.  The first
       argument in each group is a constant or a string and determines which arguments follow  in
       that group.  The last argument in the list must be NULL.  Following are the possible first
       arguments in each group of varargs:

                 This is followed by two additional arguments. The set specifies  one  button  in
                 the  MenuBar  and  some of its resource values. Following are the additional two
                 arguments, in order:

                 label     The label string, of type XmString

                 mnemonic  The mnemonic, of type KeySym

                 This is followed by one additional argument, the value of the resource, of  type
                 XtArgVal. The pair specifies a resource and its value for the RowColumn widget.

                 This  is followed by four additional arguments. The set specifies a resource and
                 its value for the RowColumn widget. A resource type conversion is  performed  if
                 necessary. Following are the additional four arguments, in order:

                 name      The resource name, of type String

                 type      The type of the resource value supplied, of type String

                 value     The  resource  value (or a pointer to the resource value, depending on
                           the type and size of the value), of type XtArgVal

                 size      The size of the resource value in bytes, of type int

                 This is followed by one additional argument of type XtVarArgsList. This argument
                 is a nested list of varargs returned by XtVaCreateArgsList.

       For  more  information  on  variable-length  argument  lists, see the X Toolkit Intrinsics

       A number of resources exist specifically for use with this and other simple menu  creation
       routines.   For  a  complete  definition  of  RowColumn  and its associated resources, see


       Returns the RowColumn widget ID.


       XmCreateMenuBar(3), XmCreateRowColumn(3), XmCreateSimpleMenuBar(3), and XmRowColumn(3).