Provided by: libzonemaster-perl_1.0.16-2_all bug


       Zonemaster::Recursor - recursive resolver for Zonemaster


           my $packet = Zonemaster::Recursor->recurse($name, $type, $class);
           my $pname = Zonemaster::Recursor->parent('');


       recurse($name, $type, $class)
           Does a recursive resolution from the root servers down for the given triplet.

           Does a recursive resolution from the root down for the given name (using type "SOA"
           and class "IN"). If the resolution is successful, it returns the domain name of the
           second-to-last step. If the resolution is unsuccessful, it returns the domain name of
           the last step.

       get_ns_from($packet, $state)
           Internal method. Takes a packet and a recursion state and returns a list of ns
           objects. Used to follow redirections.

       get_addresses_for($name[, $state])
           Takes a name and returns a (possibly empty) list of IP addresses for that name (in the
           form of Zonemaster::Net::IP objects). When used internally by the recursor it's passed
           a recursion state as its second argument.

           Class method to empty the cache of responses to recursive queries.

           Returns a list of ns objects representing the root servers. The list of root servers
           is hardcoded into this module.