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       __gnu_pbds::detail::left_child_next_sibling_heap< Value_Type, Cmp_Fn, Node_Metadata,
       _Alloc > - Base class for a basic heap.


       Inherits Cmp_Fn.

   Public Types
       typedef _Alloc allocator_type
       typedef Cmp_Fn cmp_fn
       typedef left_child_next_sibling_heap_const_iterator_< node, _Alloc > const_iterator
       typedef __rebind_v::other::const_pointer const_pointer
       typedef __rebind_v::other::const_reference const_reference
       typedef _Alloc::difference_type difference_type
       typedef const_iterator iterator
       typedef left_child_next_sibling_heap_node_point_const_iterator_< node, _Alloc >
       typedef point_const_iterator point_iterator
       typedef __rebind_v::other::pointer pointer
       typedef __rebind_v::other::reference reference
       typedef _Alloc::size_type size_type
       typedef Value_Type value_type

   Public Member Functions
       left_child_next_sibling_heap (const Cmp_Fn &)
       left_child_next_sibling_heap (const left_child_next_sibling_heap &)
       iterator begin ()
       const_iterator begin () const
       void clear ()
       _GLIBCXX_NODISCARD bool empty () const
       iterator end ()
       const_iterator end () const
       Cmp_Fn & get_cmp_fn ()
       const Cmp_Fn & get_cmp_fn () const
       size_type max_size () const
       size_type size () const
       void swap (left_child_next_sibling_heap< Value_Type, Cmp_Fn, Node_Metadata, _Alloc > &)

   Protected Types
       typedef node_allocator::value_type node
       typedef _Alloc::template rebind< left_child_next_sibling_heap_node_< Value_Type,
           Node_Metadata, _Alloc > >::other node_allocator
       typedef node_allocator::const_pointer node_const_pointer
       typedef Node_Metadata node_metadata
       typedef node_allocator::pointer node_pointer
       typedef std::pair< node_pointer, node_pointer > node_pointer_pair

   Protected Member Functions
       void actual_erase_node (node_pointer)
       void bubble_to_top (node_pointer)
       void clear_imp (node_pointer)
       node_pointer get_new_node_for_insert (const_reference)
       template<typename Pred > node_pointer prune (Pred)
       void swap_with_parent (node_pointer, node_pointer)
       void to_linked_list ()
       void value_swap (left_child_next_sibling_heap &)

   Static Protected Member Functions
       static void make_child_of (node_pointer, node_pointer)
       static node_pointer parent (node_pointer)

   Protected Attributes
       node_pointer m_p_root
       size_type m_size

Detailed Description

   template<typename Value_Type, typename Cmp_Fn, typename Node_Metadata, typename _Alloc>
       class __gnu_pbds::detail::left_child_next_sibling_heap< Value_Type, Cmp_Fn, Node_Metadata,
       _Alloc >" Base class for a basic heap.

       Definition at line 90 of file left_child_next_sibling_heap_.hpp.


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