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       __gnu_pbds::detail::pat_trie_base::_Head< _ATraits, Metadata > - Head node for PATRICIA


       Inherits __gnu_pbds::detail::pat_trie_base::_Node_base< _ATraits, Metadata >.

   Public Types
       typedef _Alloc::template rebind< _ATraits > __rebind_at
       typedef _Alloc::template rebind< _Node_base > __rebind_n
       typedef _ATraits::const_iterator a_const_iterator
       typedef __rebind_at::other::const_pointer a_const_pointer
       typedef _ATraits access_traits
       typedef _Alloc allocator_type
       typedef _Node_base< _ATraits, Metadata > base_type
       typedef base_type::node_pointer node_pointer
       typedef base_type::type_traits type_traits

   Public Attributes
       node_pointer m_p_max
       node_pointer m_p_min
       node_pointer m_p_parent
       const node_type m_type

Detailed Description

   template<typename _ATraits, typename Metadata>
       struct __gnu_pbds::detail::pat_trie_base::_Head< _ATraits, Metadata >" Head node for
       PATRICIA tree.

       Definition at line 131 of file pat_trie_base.hpp.


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