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       __gnu_pbds::detail::pat_trie_base::_Iter< Node, Leaf, Head, Inode, Is_Forward_Iterator > -


       Inherits __gnu_pbds::detail::pat_trie_base::_CIter< Node, Leaf, Head, Inode,
       Is_Forward_Iterator >.

   Public Types
       typedef _Alloc::template rebind< Head > __rebind_h
       typedef _Alloc::template rebind< Inode > __rebind_in
       typedef _Alloc::template rebind< Leaf > __rebind_l
       typedef _Alloc::template rebind< Node > __rebind_n
       typedef allocator_type _Alloc
       typedef base_type::allocator_type allocator_type
       typedef _CIter< Node, Leaf, Head, Inode, Is_Forward_Iterator > base_type
       typedef type_traits::const_pointer const_pointer
       typedef type_traits::const_reference const_reference
       typedef allocator_type::difference_type difference_type
       typedef base_type::head_pointer head_pointer
       typedef Inode::iterator inode_iterator
       typedef base_type::inode_pointer inode_pointer
       typedef std::bidirectional_iterator_tag iterator_category
       typedef base_type::leaf_const_pointer leaf_const_pointer
       typedef base_type::leaf_pointer leaf_pointer
       typedef base_type::node_pointer node_pointer
       typedef type_traits::pointer pointer
       typedef type_traits::reference reference
       typedef base_type::type_traits type_traits
       typedef type_traits::value_type value_type

   Public Member Functions
       _Iter (node_pointer p_nd=0)
       _Iter (const _Iter< Node, Leaf, Head, Inode, !Is_Forward_Iterator > &other)
       bool operator!= (const _CIter &other) const
       bool operator!= (const _CIter< Node, Leaf, Head, Inode, !Is_Forward_Iterator > &other)
       reference operator* () const
       _Iter & operator++ ()
       _Iter operator++ (int)
       _Iter & operator-- ()
       _Iter operator-- (int)
       pointer operator-> () const
       _Iter & operator= (const _Iter &other)
       _Iter & operator= (const _Iter< Node, Leaf, Head, Inode, !Is_Forward_Iterator > &other)
       bool operator== (const _CIter &other) const
       bool operator== (const _CIter< Node, Leaf, Head, Inode, !Is_Forward_Iterator > &other)

   Public Attributes
       node_pointer m_p_nd

   Protected Member Functions
       void dec (false_type)
       void dec (true_type)
       void inc (false_type)
       void inc (true_type)

   Static Protected Member Functions
       static node_pointer get_larger_sibling (node_pointer p_nd)
       static node_pointer get_smaller_sibling (node_pointer p_nd)
       static leaf_pointer leftmost_descendant (node_pointer p_nd)
       static leaf_pointer rightmost_descendant (node_pointer p_nd)

Detailed Description

   template<typename Node, typename Leaf, typename Head, typename Inode, bool
       class __gnu_pbds::detail::pat_trie_base::_Iter< Node, Leaf, Head, Inode,
       Is_Forward_Iterator >" Iterator.

       Definition at line 713 of file pat_trie_base.hpp.


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