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       __gnu_pbds::detail::resize_policy< _Tp > - Resize policy for binary heap.


   Public Types
       typedef _Tp size_type

   Public Member Functions
       resize_policy (const resize_policy &other)
       size_type get_new_size_for_arbitrary (size_type) const
       size_type get_new_size_for_grow () const
       size_type get_new_size_for_shrink () const
       bool grow_needed (size_type) const
       void notify_arbitrary (size_type)
       void notify_grow_resize ()
       void notify_shrink_resize ()
       bool resize_needed_for_grow (size_type) const
       bool resize_needed_for_shrink (size_type) const
       bool shrink_needed (size_type) const
       void swap (resize_policy< _Tp > &)

   Static Public Attributes
       static const _Tp min_size

Detailed Description

   template<typename _Tp>
       class __gnu_pbds::detail::resize_policy< _Tp >" Resize policy for binary heap.

       Definition at line 52 of file resize_policy.hpp.


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