Provided by: libaa1-dev_1.4p5-46_amd64 bug


       aa_createedit - Simple interactive line editor provided as helper function.


       #include <aalib.h>

       struct aa_edit *aa_createedit
            aa_context *c,
            int x,
            int y,
            int size,
            char *s,
            int maxsize


       aa_context *c
              Specifies the AA-lib context to operate on.

       int x  X coordinate of the edited text.

       int y  Y coordinate of the edited text.

       int size
              Length of the editor window.

       char *s
              Buffer to edit (containing default value).

       int maxsize
              Size of the buffer.


       You  might  use  this  function  to  input  strings  in  AA-lib  programs.   This function
       initializes the aa_edit structure used by event-based editor.  You  might  then  call  the
       aa_editkey function when key is pressed.


       Pointer to edit context when succesfull and NULL on failure.


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