Provided by: alliance_5.1.1-3_amd64 bug


       addlores - create a logical resistor


       #include "mlo.h"

       lores_list ∗addlores(ptfig,type,resi,rcon1,rcon2,name)
       lofig_list ∗ptfig ;
       char type ;
       double resi ;
       losig_list ∗rcon1, ∗rcon2 ;
       const char ∗name ;


       ptfig               Pointer to the figure in which the resistor should be added

       type                Resistor type

       resi                Resistor value in Ohms

       rcon1               Pointer to the signal to be connected on the resistor top plate

       rcon2               Pointer to the signal to be connected on the resistor bottom plate

       name                Resistor instance name


       addlores  creates a new resistor, and adds it to the list of resistors pointed to by ptfig
       -> LORES. The new resistor is added in front of the list,  and  becomes  itself  the  list
       The type parameter can take one value :

              RESMIM              for a metal resistor

       The resi argument is the resistor value in Ohms.
       Two  connectors  are created each time a resistor is added, and the rcon1 and rcon2 losigs
       are attached to the SIG field of the locon of the appropriate  connector.  The  connectors
       names are rcon1  and rcon2; their direction, DIR, are set to 'R', and their TYPE INTERNAL.
       For details on the structures, see locon(3) and lores(3).


       addlores returns a pointer to the newly created resistor.


       "∗∗∗ mbk error ∗∗∗ illegal resistor type : type"
              The type is not a legal resistor type.


       #include "mlo.h"

       void parallel_resistors(void) /∗ netlist of two parallel resistors ∗/
         lofig_list ∗pt  = NULL ;
         losig_list ∗in  = NULL ;
         losig_list ∗out = NULL ;

         pt = addlofig("parallel_resistors") ;
         addlocon(pt,"in",in = givelosig(pt,0),IN) ;
         addlocon(pt,"out",out = givelosig(pt,1),OUT) ;

         addlores(pt,RESMIM,0.2e-6,in,out,"res1") ;
         addlores(pt,RESMIM,0.2e-6,in,out,"res2") ;


       mbk(1), lofig(3), lores(3), locon(3), dellores(3).