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       al_set_haptic_gain - Allegro 5 API


              #include <allegro5/allegro.h>

              bool al_set_haptic_gain(ALLEGRO_HAPTIC *hap, double gain)


       Sets  the  gain of the haptic device if supported.  Gain is much like volume for sound, it
       is as if every effect's intensity is multiplied by it.  Gain is a value  between  0.0  and
       1.0.    Returns   true   if   set   successfully,   false   if   not.    Only   works   if
       al_get_haptic_capabilities(3alleg5)       returns       a       value       that       has
       ALLEGRO_HAPTIC_GAIN(3alleg5)ALLEGRO_HAPTIC_CONSTANTS(3alleg5)  set.  If not, this function
       returns false, and all effects will be played without any gain influence.



              [Unstable API]: Perhaps could be simplified due to  limited  support  for  all  the
              exposed features across all of the platforms.  Awaiting feedback from users.