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       al_set_new_bitmap_samples - Allegro 5 API


              #include <allegro5/allegro.h>

              void al_set_new_bitmap_samples(int samples)
              SETTER(new_bitmap_samples, samples)


       Sets  the  multi-sampling samples used by newly created bitmaps (on the current thread) if
       they are used with al_set_target_bitmap(3alleg5).  0 means multi-sampling will not be used
       when  drawing  into the bitmap, which is the default.  1 means multi-sampling will be used
       but only using a single sample per pixel (so usually there will be no visual difference to
       not using multi-sampling at all).

              Note:  Some  platforms  have  restrictions  on when the multi-sampling buffer for a
              bitmap is realized, i.e. down-scaled back to the actual  bitmap  dimensions.   This
              may only happen after a call to al_set_target_bitmap(3alleg5).  So for example:

              al_draw_line(0, 0, 100, 100, red, 1);
              al_lock_bitmap(multisample, ...)
              // ERROR: the contents of the bitmap will be undefined

              al_lock_bitmap(multisample, ...)
              // CORRECT: at this point, the bitmap contents are updated and
              // there will be an anti-aliased line in it.



              [Unstable  API]:  This  is an experimental feature and currently only works for the
              OpenGL backend.