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       bson_cross_platform_notes - Cross Platform Notes


       The  BSON  specification  dictates  that  the  encoding  format  is in little-endian. Many
       implementations simply ignore endianness altogether and expect that they are to be run  on
       little-endian.  Libbson  supports  both  Big  and Little Endian systems. This means we use
       memcpy() when appropriate instead of dereferencing and properly convert to  and  from  the
       host endian format. We expect the compiler intrinsics to optimize it to a dereference when


       Libbson's data structures are NOT thread-safe.  You  are  responsible  for  accessing  and
       mutating these structures from one thread at a time.

       Libbson  requires  POSIX  threads  (pthreads)  on all UNIX-like platforms. On Windows, the
       native threading interface is used. Libbson uses your system's threading library to safely
       generate  unique ObjectIds, and to provide a fallback implementation for atomic operations
       on platforms without built-in atomics.


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