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       bson_iter_init_from_data_at_offset - bson_iter_init_from_data_at_offset()


          bson_iter_init_from_data_at_offset (bson_iter_t *iter,
                                              const uint8_t *data,
                                              size_t length,
                                              uint32_t offset,
                                              uint32_t keylen);


       · iter: A bson_iter_t.

       · data: A buffer to initialize with. This is not validated.

       · length: The length of data in bytes. This is not validated.

       · offset:  The  offset of the field to start iterating. This is not validated. This should
         be an offset previously obtained from bson_iter_offset().

       · keylen: The string length of the key of the  field  to  start  iterating.  This  is  not
         validated. This should be a length previously obtained from bson_iter_key_len().


       Creates a bson_iter_t and starts iteration on a field at the offset.

       bson_iter_init_from_data_at_offset  is  useful  for  situations  where  the  progress of a
       bson_iter_t must be saved and restored without relying on  the  bson_iter_t  data  layout.
       Saving the progress could be accomplished by:

       · Saving the current field's key length with bson_iter_key_len()

       · Saving the current offset with bson_iter_offset()

       · Saving the data pointer of the iterated bson_t with bson_get_data()

       · Saving the data length of the iterated bson_t with the len struct field

       Then  later,  these  saved values can be passed to bson_iter_init_from_data_at_offset() to
       reconstruct the bson_iter_t in constant time.


       · bson_iter_key_len()

       · bson_iter_offset()

       · bson_get_data()


       Returns true if the iter was successfully initialized.


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