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       dane_verify_crt - API function


       #include <gnutls/dane.h>

       int  dane_verify_crt(dane_state_t  s,  const  gnutls_datum_t * chain, unsigned chain_size,
       gnutls_certificate_type_t chain_type, const char * hostname, const char * proto,  unsigned
       int port, unsigned int sflags, unsigned int vflags, unsigned int * verify);


       dane_state_t s
                   A DANE state structure (may be NULL)

       const gnutls_datum_t * chain
                   A certificate chain

       unsigned chain_size
                   The size of the chain

       gnutls_certificate_type_t chain_type
                   The type of the certificate chain

       const char * hostname
                   The hostname associated with the chain

       const char * proto
                   The protocol of the service connecting (e.g. tcp)

       unsigned int port
                   The port of the service connecting (e.g. 443)

       unsigned int sflags
                   Flags for the initialization of  s (if NULL)

       unsigned int vflags
                   Verification flags; an OR'ed list of dane_verify_flags_t.

       unsigned int * verify
                   An OR'ed list of dane_verify_status_t.


       This function will verify the given certificate chain against the CA constrains and/or the
       certificate available via DANE.  If no information via  DANE  can  be  obtained  the  flag
       DANE_VERIFY_NO_DANE_INFO  is  set.  If  a  DNSSEC  signature is not available for the DANE
       record then the verify flag DANE_VERIFY_NO_DNSSEC_DATA is set.

       Due to the many possible options of DANE, there is no single threat model countered.  When
       notifying  the  user  about  DANE  verification  results it may be better to mention: DANE
       verification did not reject the certificate, rather  than  mentioning  a  successful  DANE

       Note  that  this  function is designed to be run in addition to PKIX - certificate chain -
       verification. To be run independently the DANE_VFLAG_ONLY_CHECK_EE_USAGE  flag  should  be
       specified;  then  the  function  will  check  whether  the key of the peer matches the key
       advertized in the DANE entry.


       a negative error code  on  error  and  DANE_E_SUCCESS  (0)  when  the  DANE  entries  were
       successfully  parsed,  irrespective  of  whether  they were verified (see  verify for that
       information). If no usable entries  were  encountered  DANE_E_REQUESTED_DATA_NOT_AVAILABLE
       will be returned.


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