Provided by: libdpm-dev_1.13.0-1_amd64 bug


       dpm_addfs - add a filesystem to a disk pool


       #include <sys/types.h>
       #include "dpm_api.h"

       int dpm_addfs (char *poolname, char *server, char *fs, int status, int weight)


       dpm_addfs adds a filesystem to a disk pool.

              specifies the disk pool name previously defined using dpm_addpool.

       server specifies the host name of the disk server where this filesystem is mounted.

       fs     specifies the mount point of the dedicated filesystem.

       status Initial status of this filesystem. It can be set to 0 or FS_DISABLED or FS_RDONLY.

       weight specifies  the  weight  of  the  filesystem.  This  is  used  during the filesystem
              selection. The value must be positive. A negative value will  tell  the  server  to
              allocate the default weight value (1).  It is recommended to use a value lower than

       This function requires ADMIN privilege.


       This routine returns 0 if the operation was successful or -1 if the operation  failed.  In
       the latter case, serrno is set appropriately.


       ENOENT       Filesystem does not exist.

       EACCES       The caller does not have ADMIN privilege.

       EFAULT       poolname, server or fs is a NULL pointer.

       EEXIST       this filesystem is already part of a pool.

       ENOMEM       Memory could not be allocated for storing the filesystem definition.

       EINVAL       The  pool  is  unknown or the length of poolname exceeds CA_MAXPOOLNAMELEN or
                    the length of server exceeds CA_MAXHOSTNAMELEN or the length  of  fs  exceeds

       SENOSHOST    Host unknown.

       SEINTERNAL   Database error.

       SECOMERR     Communication error.