Provided by: libdpm-dev_1.13.0-1_amd64 bug


       dpns_modifyusrmap - modify user entry corresponding to a given virtual uid


       #include <sys/types.h>
       #include "dpns_api.h"

       int dpns_modifyusrmap (uid_t uid, char *newname, int status)


       dpns_modifyusrmap modifies the user entry corresponding to a given virtual uid.

       uid    specifies the Virtual User Id.

              specifies the new user name.  It must be at most 255 characters long.

       status status can be set to 0 or a combination of ARGUS_BAN and LOCAL_BAN.

       This function requires ADMIN privilege.


       This  routine  returns 0 if the operation was successful or -1 if the operation failed. In
       the latter case, serrno is set appropriately.


       EACCES       The caller does not have ADMIN privilege.

       EFAULT       newname is a NULL pointer.

       EEXIST       This user exists already.

       EINVAL       This uid does not exist in the  internal  mapping  table  or  the  length  of
                    newname exceeds 255.

       SENOSHOST    Host unknown.

       SENOSSERV    Service unknown.

       SECOMERR     Communication error.

       ENSNACT      Name server is not running or is being shutdown.