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       extrans - Lighting and translucency effects. Allegro game programming library.


       #include <allegro.h>

       Example extrans


       This  program  demonstrates  how to use the lighting and translucency functions. The first
       part of the example will show a dark screen illuminated by a spotlight you can  move  with
       your  mouse. After a key press the example shows the full bitmap and the spotlight changes
       to be a reduced version of the background with 50% of translucency.

       The translucency effect is easy to do in all color depths.  However, the  lighting  effect
       has  to be performed in a different way depending on whether the screen is in 8bit mode or
       another color depth. This is because  additive  drawing  mode  uses  a  different  set  of
       routines for truecolor modes.


       BITMAP(3alleg4), COLOR_MAP(3alleg4), END_OF_MAIN(3alleg4), PALETTE(3alleg4), RGB(3alleg4),
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