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       globus_ftp_client_api - Globus FTP Client API.


       Restart Markers
           Restart Markers.
       Handle Management
           Handle Management.
       Handle Attributes
           Handle Attributes.
       FTP Operations
           FTP Operations.
       FTP Operation Attributes
           FTP Operation Attributes.
       Reading and Writing Data
           Reading and Writing Data.
           Plugin API.

Detailed Description

       Globus FTP Client API.

       The Globus FTP Client library provides a convenient way of accessing files on remote FTP
       servers. In addition to supporting the basic FTP protocol, the FTP Client library supports
       several security and performance extensions to make FTP more suitable for Grid
       applications. These extensions are described in the Grid FTP Protocol document.

       In addition to protocol support for grid applications, the FTP Client library provides a
       plugin architecture  for installing application or grid-specific fault recovery and
       performance tuning algorithms within the library. Application writers may then target
       their code toward the FTP Client library, and by simply enabling the appropriate plugins,
       easily tune their application to run it on a different grid.

       All applications which use the Globus FTP Client API must include the header file
       globus_ftp_client.h and activate the GLOBUS_FTP_CLIENT_MODULE

       To use the Globus FTP Client API, one must create an FTP Client handle . This structure
       contains context information about FTP operations which are being executed, a cache of FTP
       control and data connections, and information about plugins which are being used. The
       specifics of the connection caching and plugins are found in the Handle Attributes section
       of this manual.

       Once the handle is created, one may begin transferring files or doing other FTP operations
       by calling the functions in the FTP Operations section of this manual. In addition to
       whole-file transfers, the API supports partial file transfers, restarting transfers from a
       known point, and various FTP directory management commands. All FTP operations may have a
       set of attributes, defined in the FTP Operation Attributes section, associated with them
       to tune various FTP parameters. The data structures and functions needed to restart a file
       transfer are described in the Restart Markers section of this manual. For operations which
       require the user to send to or receive data from an FTP server the must call the functions
       in the Reading and Writing Data section of the manual.


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