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       globus_gass_transfer - GASS Transfer API.


       Client-Initiated Operations
           GASS Transfer Client Operations.
       Implementing Servers
           GASS Server Implementation.
           GASS Referrals.
       Request Handles
           Request Handles.
       Request Attributes
           Request Attributes.
       Listener attributes
           Listener attributes.
       Implementing Request Attributes
           Implementing Request Attributes.
       Protocol Modules
           Protocol Implementation API.

Detailed Description

       GASS Transfer API.

       The GASS Transfer API is the core part of the GASS (Global Access to Secondary Storage)
       component of the Grid Community Toolkit. The purpose of GASS is to provide a simple way to
       enable grid applications to securely stage and access data to and from remote file servers
       using a simple protocol-independent API.

       The GASS Transfer API provides a way to implement both client and server components. These
       share common data block and request management functionality. Client-specific functions
       are provided to implement file 'get', 'put', and 'append' operations. Server-specific
       functions are provided to implement servers which service such requests. Client and server
       functionality can be included in a single application, so one could implement proxies or
       cross-protocol bridges.

       The GASS Transfer API is easily extensible to support different remote data access
       protocols. The standard Globus distribution includes client-side support for the http, and
       https protocols, as well as server-side support for the http and https protocols. An
       application which requires additional protocol support may add this through the protocol
       module interface.

       The GASS Transfer API is defined in the header file 'globus_gass_transfer.h'

       The GLOBUS_GASS_TRANSFER_MODULE must be activated before calling any functions in this


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