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       globus_gss_assist - Convenience Functions for GSSAPI.


           Module Activation.
       Token Transport
           Send and Receive Security Tokens.
       Credential Management
           Acquire Credential.
       Security Context Management
           Security Context Creation and Use.
       GSSAPI Result Status Strings
           Display Error Status from a GSSAPI Result.
       Gridmap Authorization
           Gridmap Authorization and Local User Mapping.
       GSI GSS Assist Constants
           Constant Definitions.

Detailed Description

       Convenience Functions for GSSAPI.

       The GSS Assist code provides convenience functions for using the Globus GSS-API.

       This API includes

       · Activation

       · Credential Management

       · Security Context Management

       · Gridmap Authorization

       · Token Transport

       · GSSAPI Result Status Strings

       · GSI GSS Assist Constants


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